Ph.D. University of California-Berkeley, 2015

M.A. University of California-Berkeley, 2009

A.B. Dartmouth College, 2007


Collaborative Scholar, Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies, BC, 2018-Present

Adjunct Assistant Professor of History, Austin College, 2018-Present

Visiting Assistant Professor of History, Austin College, 2015-2018


Courses Taught

Mediterranean Seminar, Association of Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies, Seigneurie: Society for the Study of the Nobility, Lordship, and Chivalry, Middle Eastern Studies Association, Renaissance Society of America, Sixteenth Century Society, Medieval Academy of America, American Historical Association

Hist 133 Europe and the World to 1500

Hist 143 Europe and the Modern World

Hist 162 History of the US to 1876

Hist 230 Women in Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Hist 331 Medieval Europe

Hist 332 Renaissance and Reformation

Hist 350 Spain in the Golden Age

Hist 350 The Knight in European History from the 12th-17th Century

Hist 350 Byzantine and Ottoman Empires

January Term Study Abroad Program Oxford in History and Literature

Hist 460 Independent Study Early Modern Low Countries